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You want MORE?!

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

by: Andy Brander

Nowadays, investors, boards, bonuses and career prospects all demand the continual delivery of more customers, more sales, more revenue, more ROI.

Businesses need to deliver ever more to stay away from the poorhouse and thrive.

It’s “we want more from the same” if not “we need more for less”.

And of course it’s always “more now”, this month, this quarter, this year, not next. Regardless of the economic climate.

Are you are an advertiser needing to squeeze more customer acquisition from your budget than you wrung from it last year? Could your advertising performance possibly be improved to the necessary extent? Our experience suggests that more often than not the answer is yes!

How can this be? Simply put, best practice in customer acquisition is no longer common practice. Most agencies, media and creative alike, seem to have lost the knowledge required to get every £ of performance from a client’s advertising budget.

Fortunately there are still specialists out there, like M.i. Media, who know exactly where to look for this level of improvement.

It’s not rocket science. To get more from your advertising, you need a partner who gives you three simple things: Clarity, Control and Value.

Clarity comes from having a breadth and depth of knowledge of all factors impacting advertising performance and a crystal clear focus on the metrics that really matter.

Control comes from robust data attribution and reporting (M.I.) which informs objective, evidenced-based decisions and forensic campaign management.

Value comes from the planning and buying of only the right media to acquire the right customers at the right price.

By rigorously applying all of the above we are consistently able to transform advertising performance for our clients.

Sounds too easy? M.i. Media have the results and case studies to prove it works, across an array of business sectors, which we are very happy to share. We regularly reduce Cost per Acquisition by 40% and have helped a number of our clients double their sales revenues.

So if your 2019 targets mean you have to deliver MORE, just get in touch and let’s see how together we can transform your advertising performance.