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What it’s like to start a job during lockdown? #2

Over the next three weeks we are sharing the stories of three M.i.'ers who started M.i. Media during lockdown. Starting a new job is a daunting prospect for anyone, but starting one in a national lockdown is a tough gig. Dorottya shares her story below.

By Dorottya Fazakas

Digital Account Executive

Before even starting my job at M.i. Media I was convinced I was going to be let go. Things weren’t looking good - businesses were closing down and I was a new take on and not replacing anyone. I was really sad about the thought of not being able to start my new job but M.i. were really amazing. Clive had told me their priority was to be able to give us the opportunity to still start and now I am so glad to still be here! It makes me feel like a valued member of the company already.

I started working 2 days a week at first and having my first introductions via video call was honestly better than expected. I had a lot of introductory calls or training calls which really eased me into the role and I also naturally transitioned into getting to know the people in my team. The strange part wasn’t even meeting people virtually for the first time, it was the first time I met them face to face. When we met for a biddable team social, it felt like an awkward tinder date for the first hour or so!

It was really easy to get to know everyone at M.i. I had daily check-ups from my team – sometimes this would be about work, but the majority of the time it would include a few minutes about work and the rest of the time chatting and getting to know people.

The few times I have been in the office, I did find it easier working with others. If I needed something from someone I could just ask ‘Hey – did you see my email?’ or they could ask ‘Could you look at that?’. Unfortunately due to lockdown and my circumstances I wasn’t able to come into the office very much, but hopefully that will change soon!

As I am new to the industry, it can be quite challenging not being in the office. I’ve probably not picked things up as fast as I usually would, and everything has been a lot slower. My advice to anyone starting a new job remotely would be to not beat yourself up if things take a bit longer. It’s just a shallower learning curve compared to if you were in the office.

My second piece of advice to anyone starting a job during COVID would be to make an effort to get to know everyone, even if it’s little things like joining a zoom call. It will be easier to ask work related questions or for help if you’ve established a friendship with them. Everyone at M.i. has been so lovely and understanding. Even with the limitations, M.i. has done really well at making me feel welcome and I don’t think they could have done anything differently!