• KS

We did it at the DMAs!

A great win last night at the 2019 DMA Awards! The team were recognised for their innovative DRTV approach to safeguarding MSF's donor data.

Following high profile stories of safeguarding failures of other charities, trust in the charity sector was disintegrating. In reaction to this, MSF’s priority was to ensure that their own donor data followed absolute best practice to ensure no reputational risk. Privacy by Design became MSF’s absolute priority and big changes were required in their DRTV strategy.

Traditionally, their DRTV activity generated donations via SMS and required the use of third parties to convert one-off donors to regular givers. Although MSF and lots of other charities used this approach, MSF wanted full control of donor data with no external involvement.

MSF switched to a website-centred ask in their DRTV ads which ensured that they could communicate in a trusted environment and avoid data-sharing. By applying PbD principles meant MSF lost important planning tools which in turn involved an overhaul of response/conversion tracking.

However, within 2 months of the brief, MSF launched the first DRTV activity which exceeded GDPR compliance requirements and had the PbD framework at its heart. Within 3 bursts the activity was able to beat ROI achieved by previous SMS campaigns by 20% and future proof MSF against further regulatory changes.

Great work team!