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The Power of Distinctive Brand Codes

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Advocates of branded content should take note of this article re the importance of branding cues by the ever readable Mark Ritson.

My weekend supplements are full of pages of “paid for content” seeking to make an advertiser seem more interesting yet wasting the majority of any educative comms benefits when the only nod to the brand is an apologetically small logo that is easier to miss.

As a media planner I know from experience that these modern day advertorials take lots of effort to produce and command a sizeable premium over conventional adspace.

As someone whose job it is to help clients get a greater return from their budgets I find it hard to believe their continued popularity given the newspaper trade body Newswork’s own research concluded that “advertising creates higher impact among newsbrand readers than content marketing across both print and digital. The difference is most pronounced in print.”