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Sky Analytics – a useful tool for TV planners?

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Written by Sophie Hill

Recently, Sky announced the launch of its ‘Sky Analytics’ online portal which enables media agencies and advertisers direct access to plan, report and evaluate elements of their TV campaigns for the first time. The platform promises the ability to deliver a deeper understanding of the impact and outcomes of a campaign, allowing greater opportunity to evaluate and optimise advertising. Initially, it is available across On Demand and AdSmart though in the future, Sky intends to expand the platform to other addressable, on demand and linear inventories.

Specific targeting capabilities

The platform’s strength lies in its granular ability to target a specific market by setting campaign goals, building audiences and setting geographic targeting parameters. Advertisers also have access to purchasing behaviour from companies such as Boots, MasterCard and GAME, meaning they are able to target consumers based on their buying habits.

Cost premiums

Whilst the ability to target such specific audiences using the tool’s demographic and lifestyle attributes may initially seem like a DR advertiser’s dream, it won’t all be plain-sailing. The premiums to target such specific audiences are, inevitably, high and the tool does not currently allow advertisers to see the costs - instead this can be managed through the media buyer’s Sky rep. That said there are plans for advertisers to have direct access to pricing within the platform later in 2019.

Post-campaign reporting

In terms of post-campaign reporting, Sky Analytics is certainly different from a traditional TV approach. With the absence of time-stamped spots, media planners need to explore new ways to report, track and evaluate campaigns. Additionally, there are certain insights which can be gained from using On Demand which will not initially be available for AdSmart campaigns. Whilst AdSmart campaigns can use impression, reach and frequency to report against campaign goals, On Demand offers advertisers direct access to campaign reports with detailed delivery reports and analysis. On Demand campaigns are also able to verify the quality and reliability of the impressions being purchased via MOAT’s independently verified metrics.

Final thoughts

The end goal for Sky Analytics is to create as unified a platform as possible, which Sky describes as ‘a one-stop shop for cross platform, planning, reporting and evaluation’ so it is an exciting prospect for advertisers. The precision targeting of digital technology combined with the communications power of AV makes it a very accessible platform for advertisers. With further developments to the platform promised later this year, the tool will certainly be of interest to DR advertisers. Ultimately, it will come down to planners to identify a suitable audience which is broad enough to avoid the CPT premiums being a barrier but narrow enough to minimise wastage so the need for independent and expert media planning advice is still very much required!


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