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Shortlisted at the UK Biddable Media Awards - hurrah!

Great news for a Friday - our 32Red Paid Search team have been shortlisted at the UK Biddable Media Awards for their work on 32Red and 1st party data automation.

In 2020, 32Red had steep targets for growth. The team decided to try a new approach - a blend of human know-how and machine automation. Their bets paid off and they hit the jackpot and beat targets by up to 39% and grew monthly acquisition volumes by 97%.

3rd party pixels and basic acquisition data had always limited 32Red's efficiency and growth. The team needed to come up with a new approach that relied on 1st party client data with automation (in this case, SA360). They optimised keywords and campaign groups based on known player behaviour patterns from 1st party data. Working off user registration, this 1st party data gave them rich player insights. The data helped them understand the true ‘value’ of each player such as their average deposit amounts, their frequency of deposit, their lifetime value and ultimately how much revenue they brought to the business. They could then pinpoint spend across Google and capture Google Click Identifiers (GCLID) at the point of registration.

This test aced all targets and has ensured that 32Red is well positioned for a cookieless future. Great work team.