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M.i. Media wins PGMBM

PGMBM are a global leader in group litigations. Their current campaign, My Diesel Claim, aims to provide compensation to the millions of drivers who were subjected to the ‘Dieselgate’ scandal. Having already signed up a quarter of a million customers in under two months since the campaign went live, our data-led approach is already having a considerable impact. M.i.’s sophisticated measurement infrastructure has allowed incredibly quick and reactive optimisation – key to success so far.

Partnering with PGMBM on multi-channel tests across TV, Radio and Outdoor, our sophisticated reporting infrastructure has allowed us to reactively optimise media in just a very short time frame. The results so far have been astonishing and we’re thrilled to be joining PGMBM on their continued growth journey in the coming months.

Richard Slater, Managing Director at M.i. Media

“We’re really happy to have started with PGMBM, they are at the forefront of addressing the ‘Dieselgate’ scandal and are committed to holding corporations accountable for the damage they have caused and representing the drivers affected. We’ve been impressed with their dynamic and data driven approach which will put them well ahead of their competition.“