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Has Google Just Gone More Native?

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Written by Jamie Walsh

40%* of searches now take place on mobile and Google has approximately 97%** of the UK search market, so when Google announce changes to their mobile search platform, we need to listen. It has now changed the look of the mobile search results page:

So far this is being seen as “putting site owners and publishers first” as it allows organic listings to “showcase their own branding”*** (i.e. a logo (favicon) appears on the organic listing).

However, for ads we now have the black ad label that appears in place of a logo at the top of the ad along with the display URL also in black text.

From our (slightly cynical) point of view, this is a move by Google to increase click traffic on mobile ads as the ad label mimics the position of this logo, making ads further blend into the organic results page. It seems like we’re not the only ones who think this - Ginny Marvin from Search Engine Land suggests that “Text ads in search were the first native ads in digital. That may never have been more true than with this update in which the ad label mimics the placement of the new favicon (logo) treatment”.

While this is not a huge change at the moment this update “sets the stage for Google to continue to evolve the types of content it shows in the search results, including video, hi-res images, 3D objects, and the types of actions it enables right from the search results”**** so this is definitely one for us to watch.

It’s too early to tell what kind of effect this has had on Click Through Rate and Click Traffic for us but we will certainly keep an eye on this.


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****Search Engine Land

Image: Search Engine Land