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Facebook launch shops

Facebook has announced it is launching a new service called Shops, across Facebook, Instagram, and will also roll out onto messenger and WhatsApp too.

They currently have ‘Marketplace’, but Shops will allow businesses to create a dedicated online store for free. Businesses can choose their products and customise the look and feel of their shop. It will also support integrations with the likes of Shopify, Bigcommerce, channeladvisor.

While the scheme has been launched to support small businesses, there are clearly benefits at play for Facebook, and the launch has already been seen as a challenger to Amazon and Etsy for E-commerce £’s. Facebook will also allow businesses to integrate loyalty schemes, utilise ‘live’ shopping features (posted content etc.), and of course advertising features – ultimately keeping users within their platform.

For established clients, and emerging D2C Brands, there is a good opportunity to increase visibility and sales within the Facebook eco-system with this scheme. But clearly this doesn’t come without it’s potential challenges of being able to bring customers into their own Brand experiences and nurture relationships and LTV outside of social platforms.

M.i. Media are already working with our clients to leverage these new opportunities. If you would like to have a chat about how M.i. Media might be abe to suport your needs, feel free to drop us a line: jamie.hewitt@mimedia.co.uk