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Charities: Replacing lost income

Author: Clive Howse

I wanted to share some interesting work we’ve been doing that could be really useful for charities out there facing a hole in their income over the next few months.

M.i. Media have been working in partnership with a Charity Sector Data specialist to model New Donor recruitment and ROI scenarios for a number of charities.

These charities needed to reduce their dependency on Face to Face fundraising and were looking for a way to replace the significant income this channel had been generating for them.

The models we have built use sector specific benchmarks and survival curves for every major acquisition channel. They provide organisations with a comprehensive and tailored view of just how much income they could realistically generate via other recruitment channels.

With so many charities facing an immediate loss of income from Face to Face, Events and Retail, the need to find alternative ways to raise funds is probably on a lot of minds at the moment.

But is now the right time to be testing things?

Well, we have a number of charity clients currently running fundraising campaigns across a range of media channels (particularly TV and Social Media). What we are finding is that, despite all the uncertainty, response rates are holding up pretty well.

Put that in the context of the exceptional value that is to be found across a variety of media at the moment and there are very real opportunities to replace the income that will inevitably be lost from other cancelled activities.

Lack of creative isn’t necessarily a barrier either. We work with a number of creative agencies that specialise in Charity and Not for Profit clients who are all able to turn things round really quickly where necessary.

Drop me a line if you'd like to find out more.

Clive Howse Managing Director M.i. Media


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